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Mike's Favorite Fish Recipes

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Panko Mahi Mahi
This is our version of Fish Sticks – my kids favorite. I use Mahi mahi, but any favorite white fish will do as long as it's skinless and boneless. We'v even used it on fragile Filet of Sole. Delicious!

Ono Ceviche
A Hawaiian twist on a tropical classic! The firmness of its flesh and the sweetness of its meat make ono an excellent choice for ceviche.

Lomi Lomi Salmon
O.K., this isn't made with fish caught in Hawaii, but it is one of my most favorite luau foods. There are no salmon in Hawaiian waters. Lomi lomi salmon is a post-contact dish.

Aku Poke
No Hawaian luau or party would be complete without a large bowl of poke. Poke is basically a salad of chilled raw fish in a shoyu, sesame oil sauce that lends itself to an olio of embelleshments.

Popular Fish Recipes

I cannot take credit for all of these. But I've tried /enjoyed them!
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Ahi Tuna Recipes
ahi tunaIn Hawaiian, the word ahi means "fire" due to the color of its flesh which is bright red. In Hawaii you can hook up to both yellowfin and big eye tuna. The Yellowfin is the most commonly caught.

Unlike marlin where bigger fish tend to be less desirble for eating, the larger ahi tend to be redder, with a higher fat content and firmer texture. This is better. Ahi is best eaten raw, or very rare.

Mahi Mahi Recipes
Mahimahi is commonly known as dolphin (the fish, not the mammal), dolphinfish, or dorado. The bull mahi mahi has the large, bulbuous head. In the wild, a mahi mahi's colors are brilliant blue, green and silver with flecks of yellow. These colors quickly fade when the fish dies. Large schools of mahimahi are common around off fish aggregation buoys (FADS), and flotsam drifting at sea such as fishing nets and natural debris.

Opakapaka Recipes
The first recipe in the opakapaka category is Ginger Crusted Opakapaka with a Chili Plum Sauce.

Credit for some of's fish recipes go to: for their technical descriptions upon which I've obviously embellished, and