Our Favorite Mahi Mahi Recipes

mahi mahi recipes


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In Hawaiian, mahi mahi means "strong-strong". It is more commonly known as "dolphin fish" or "dorado". and is found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Smaller mahi range from 2-5 pounds, while 40-50 pounders can be caught as well. Mahimahi have a short life span of three or four years.

Mahi can be caught year yound in Hawaii, with the most productive time is being between February - April.

sashimi grade ahi tuna steakWhen it comes to cooking, Mahi-mahi is an exceptionally versatile fish, having firm, white meat and a delicate flavor. Broiled, poached, baked, sautéed, grilled, or pan-fried, mahi-mahi delivers a truly sensational taste. Essentially, Mahi-mahi is one of those fish that is wonderful just about any way you can think to prepare it.

My teenage daughter is very picky (OK, make that 'spoiled rotten') when it comes to eating fish. After growing up on Maui she will ONLY eat mahi mahi, preferably breaded in panko. Anything else she claims makes her gag. Bummer. Thankfully my son will eat any white fish.

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